The big news that broke over the weekend was the arrest by New York prosecutors of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking.  He will be arraigned in Manhattan District Court today and there is much speculation that others may be indicted along with Epstein.  He has already been convicted of sex crimes in Florida but the deal he struck in that case was recently voided by a Judge when it came to light that the plaintiffs in that case were never consulted about nor notified of the deal inexplicably offered to Epstein by prosecutor Alex Acosta, now Trump’s Labor Secretary.  The deal remains a stain on Acosta’s reputation and he is currently under an ethics investigation.  Here’s coverage in the New York Times:

Epstein was a good friend of Donald Trump and an accusation continues to circulate that Trump raped a then-13-year-old girl at one of Epstein’s parties.  Social media was buzzing yesterday that the re-arrest of Epstein might bring the rape claims back into the spotlight.  Keep your eye on this story.

It’s also a good time to remember that our nation has not had a Secretary of Defense for over six months.  This fact alone is a disgrace.  But there are many other cabinet positions that have been filled by an “acting” secretary in order for Trump to avoid the Senate confirmation of a legitimate secretary.  Many of the acting secretaries are incompetent or third-rate, the only required qualification being loyalty to the Emperor.  The Washington Post published a good overview of this unprecedented and irresponsible situation:

Our government has been devastated by Trump, including countless regulations that have been rolled back, programs that have been cancelled, and career professionals that have been fired or driven out of public service.  If we don’t vote him out in 2020 there’s no telling what could become of our system of government under a lying fascist like Trump.

Let’s keep resisting and let’s keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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