The Trump team continued their about-face on the 2020 Census yesterday, signalling that they were going to resume their fight for a citizenship question because the Emperor was not happy.  The courts have rejected their arguments thus far, and it seems likely–though not certain–that the courts will continue to reject a citizenship question, but lawyers for the Trump regime reversed the position they had previously agreed to with a judge, stating that they would continue their fight even though they were not sure what the new rationale was going to be.  The tweet from Trump that restarted this whole mess already provided a rationale, one that affirmed the rationale the courts had already rejected.  So we are now facing weeks, if not months, of more legal wrangling to determine whether or not the Census will feature a question based on the racial animus of the white supremacists in the Trump regime.

But expecting they may eventually lose in court, Trump is now saying he might try to add the citizenship question to the Census by Executive Order–which is rich coming from a con man who screamed bloody murder about Obama using the Executive Order to bypass Congress.  Trump’s plan would face instant litigation, and who knows where it would lead.  But Trump doesn’t care what norms he violates or what institutions he destroys or what traditions he defiles as long as he gets his way.

As important as it will be to vote Trump out of office in 2020, it might be too little too late.  Anchorage, Alaska, just recorded a record high temperature of 90 degrees this week.  Not just a peculiarly warm day, but a hot day in a string of hot days in a string of hot weeks and months.  The average historical temperature near the poles has increased the most versus near the equator, which is exactly what the science of climate change predicts.  But it’s happening way sooner than anyone expected, as we’ve noted in this blog recently.  The permafrost is melting some 70 years ahead of schedule and it’s hard to convey just how alarming and catastrophic this fact is.  We have entered a planetary climate emergency and we have to start talking about it in terms of an emergency.

Fortunately, New York City just declared a “climate emergency,” and while this declaration is mostly symbolic, it’s meant to elevate the urgency and reframe the conversation about climate.  We have to use terms that reflect the dire truth, and we’ve just seen record breaking heat in Alaska, record breaking heat in Europe, record breaking heat in India, and a historic rain event in our own mid-west that has devastated both our corn and soybean crops for the year.  This is serious stuff, and it’s only going to get worse–even if we somehow reverse the trend of carbon emissions tomorrow.  Nobody wants to be facing an extinction-level climate process, but that’s where we’re heading if we don’t make some big changes soon.  Many are calling for a “world-war” level of mobilization to address this issue, though Trump and the corrupt GOP are doing their level best to usher in our own demise for the sake of a few more years of oil profits.  Disgusting.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” in 2020, along with as many other Republicans as possible.


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