Happy Independence Day!

Today we should be celebrating the ratification of our Declaration of Independence from the British Crown…but instead the president of the United States will hold a military parade and give a speech on the Mall in Washington DC in violation of two-hundred-plus years of tradition, politicizing and militarizing a holiday for the sake of his own ego.  The Fourth of July isn’t about a military victory or a political hero–it should celebrate the formation and expression of our national values.  So Trump’s event is just the latest disgusting “dictator-lite” move by the Worst President Ever.

There is some good news, however.  Trump will have to face some protesters, including a veterans group that is handing out “John McCain” t-shirts, as well as the Trump Baby balloon, which apparently has a permit to fly somewhere nearby.  In addition, the major TV networks will not be airing his speech–which must gall him deeply.  But they know that on the Fourth of July people want to watch fireworks, not an orange buffoon.

The upcoming event has prompted a ton of criticism online, and generated many great images, cartoons and memes.  Here’s one:

We learned yesterday that, as this blog warned, Trump seems to have changed his mind about the 2020 Census, Tweeting that he wants to go ahead and ask a citizenship question despite a court ruling against him.  The court will consider the Trump position on Friday and will likely issue some sort of order barring the question.  So what happens if the Census is printed with the question anyway?  In other words, what happens if Trump defies the courts?  Who enforces the law?  It seems likely that the Census will be printed without the citizenship question, but it’s apparently not a done deal.  Trump is such an epic scumbag and lawless grifter.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

And keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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