Trump is getting absolutely scorched for his repulsive stroll into the Korean DMZ to rub elbows with Dictator Kim.  It’s bad enough that Trump boasted about being the first president to enter the DMZ, as if his capitulation were some sort of victory, but it’s even worse that reports were circulating suggesting Trump was ready to acknowledge North Korea as a nuclear state and accept their current nuclear weapon stockpile in exchange for a promise that they would build no more.  If true, this spineless act by Trump would be a historic concession to perhaps the most brutally oppressive regime on the face of the planet.  Trump has been getting blasted on social media, as you can see in this post by the always wonderful Jeff Tiedrich:

Trump’s daughter Ivanka also got scorched yesterday on social media for her role in the G-20 summit.  As a “senior adviser” to her father, she somehow insinuated herself into the G-20 meetings and failed in her attempts to keep up with world leaders, evidenced by embarrassing video clips of her that ran constantly on cable news.  Memes sprung up quickly on social media, and here are just a few examples:

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If this sorry performance by Trump and his daughter weren’t bad enough, Trump’s visit to Japan and South Korea was also an opportunity for him to exile his National Security Adviser John Bolton to Mongolia. Bolton should have been at Trump’s side for the G-20 and Korean misadventure, but alas he was sent away in favor of Ivanka and Fox bloviator Tucker Carlson.

Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times wrote an absolutely devastating op-ed yesterday about “The Welcome Humiliation of John Bolton” and it’s a must read.  Here’s an excerpt:

By taking to Fox News to kiss up to Trump, [Bolton] became national security adviser, a job that no other president would have ever given to a discredited warmonger. His reward is that, after devoting his life to the expansion of American power globally, he’s a hapless party to its contraction. For a person to sell out his putative ideals for such a hollow victory would be like a Greek drama, if the Greeks had written dramas about such small men.

Here’s the link:

Trump keeps piling disgrace upon disgrace, and those around him keep having their reputations destroyed in humiliating fashion.  We can expect this reality to continue as we count down the days until the 2020 election.

Be aware that there are plans for an emergency protest against border detentions taking place TODAY.  An action is planned for Antonio Delgado’s office in Kingston, at 256 Clinton Ave., at Noon.  There will also be a protest at Rep Maloney’s office in Newburgh at 123 Grand Street at noon.  If you can, please show up and let Trump know how odious and unpopular his concentration camps are.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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