Much of the news this weekend focused on the Trump trip to Korea, where Trump slipped into the DMZ and had a walk with his Bestie, Dictator Kim.  Trump loves to claim firsts, no matter how odious and malevolent, so it’s no surprise that he seemed proud to be the first President to step into North Korea in this way.  Trump went on to state that Obama wanted to meet with Dictator Kim but was rebuffed, while the Dictator agreed to meet with Trump because Trump is such a good guy!  But this claim was a flat-out lie, a several members of the Obama administration confirmed on talk shows and social media.

At the same time, a high-level defector from North Korea told NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel that “Kim Jong UN likes President Trump because he’s not ‘moral,’ and doesn’t judge.” It would have been more accurate to say that Trump is immoral, but let’s not split hairs.

Before Trump debased the presidency in the DMZ, he was in Japan at the G-20 trying to splinter and damage that global financial alliance, and also groveling at the feet of Vladimir Putin, hoping that the king of the oligarchs might someday let him into the oligarch club.  While the two of them were together for a media session, Trump was asked if he had told Putin to stop meddling in US elections.  Trump turned to Putin and said jokingly and half-heartedly, “Don’t meddle in the election!”  If Obama or any other president had done this it would have created a media firestorm.  Imagine Roosevelt on the same stage as Hirohito saying, “Hey, don’t bomb us again!”  Trump continues to be an absolute disgrace on the world stage, and here’s a great editorial cartoon that captures the moment perfectly:

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes

Meanwhile, around 85 House members now support an impeachment inquiry, a number that keeps slowly growing.  With Mueller scheduled to testify on July 17th, it’s likely the pressure on Nancy Pelosi will continue to grow.  And more observers seem to be concluding that an impeachment inquiry has a better chance of motivating progressives and independents to vote against Trump than of motivating Trump voters to turn out in larger numbers than they already will–a notion Speaker Pelosi seems unwilling or unable to accept.

Looking ahead, mark July 12th on your calendars.  On that day activists have scheduled a nation-wide protest against border detention centers, aka concentration camps, and as more detailed information comes out it will be noted on this blog.

Trump is trying to co-opt the District of Columbia fireworks celebration on July 4th into a Trump campaign event, and this would also be a great time for protesters to swarm Washington.  The giant “Trump Baby” balloon is scheduled to be there, and hopefully a lot of other signs and activists.  It’s not often that Trump makes a public appearance where the environment isn’t highly controlled and filled with his cult members.

Have a great Independence Day week and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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