Mueller is going to testify.

Yes, pursuant to a subpoena, the Special Counsel is scheduled to testify publicly on July 17th in front of two House committees, and this is surely good news.  Mueller can shed light on whether his investigation was cut short by William Barr, on whether he had any discussion with Barr or Rosenstein about the process of the roll-out of the Report, and on why he didn’t look into Trump’s finances.  Of course, he will also confirm what the report already discloses; that Trump obstructed justice on multiple occasions.  His testimony could be the perfect moment for Nancy Pelosi to agree to impeachment hearings–and we should press this plan to our representatives.

The furor over child concentration camps on the Texas border continued to grow.  The House yesterday passed a $4.5 billion package of border aid in response to the growing humanitarian crisis, and although the Senate and president are not likely to ultimately approve the aid, it will draw a sharp contrast between the party that still wants to help people fleeing tyranny and persecution versus the party that wants to close our borders to anyone who isn’t white.  Here’s coverage in the New York Times:

Tonight is the first of the two Democratic debates and Immigration will be at the top of the crowded subject list.  Also on the list will be Climate Change, Gun Violence and Health Care reform.  If you have the time, the national Indivisible Team has prepared an Indivisible Debate Watch Guide.  Here’s a link:

Trump will probably live-tweet the debate and throw his usual shade on everyone, but his insults and sarcasm are becoming easier to ignore.  He keeps playing the same tune and it’s become repetitive and boring, but it’s all he knows how to do.

Make some popcorn and tune in tonight.

Keep resisting and keep working the “vote his ass out of office.”


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