Yesterday brought some rare good news out of Washington.  Trump called off his planned raids on undocumented families–for the time being.  In keeping with his craven impulses, Trump is now using the possibility of future raids to pressure Democrats to cave on changes to asylum laws, so it remains to be seen what will ultimately happen.  But his threats of cruelty have already pleased his sadistic base.

In some bad news, the Oregon legislature cancelled a session due to credible threats by a radical conservative militia.  The legislature was trying to overcome a walkout by GOP lawmakers over tough new environmental regulations that the super-majority Democrats were about to pass.  Once again, Republicans can’t accept that they are in the minority and don’t get to implement their agenda.  So they’re trying to cheat the system by denying the Democrats a mandated quorum necessary bring the climate bill to a vote.  The militia apparently stepped in and threatened the safety of some of the Democrats so law enforcement got involved.  Here’s coverage in CNN:

On the subject of climate, reports keep being published of the dire state of the permafrost in Canada, Alaska and the Arctic.  It’s melting far faster than any scientist predicted, which will release massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere–a gas that is ten times as powerful a heat trapper as carbon dioxide.  Some scientists are calling it a tipping point that could accelerate warming in a catastrophic cascade.  It’s worth noting that some scientists are even saying this is a human extinction-level situation if we don’t act quickly and forcefully.  We need to keep climate at the center of the national conversation.

I came across a fascinating article on climate change that’s worth sharing.  It’s from Jeff McMahon in, of all places, Forbes magazine, entitled “Three Surprising Solutions to Climate Change.”  Here’s an excerpt:

We know what we have to do to avoid a climate catastrophe: eat a plant-rich diet, change our energy mix, electrify transport, reverse deforestation. But there are many more solutions to climate change, including some potent ones that rarely get attention.

Here’s a link:

I found all three solutions surprising, and given the magnitude and gravity of the climate challenge we face, we’ll need to bring to bear every tool and strategy conceivable if we want to avoid catastrophe.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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