As you already know, Trump lies all the time.  He lies even when he doesn’t have to.  He’s practically turned lying into an art form.  And he’s made some significant lies recently.

First, when accused in an interview of breaking families apart at our southern border, Trump claimed that, no, Obama broke families apart while he had “brought families together.”  Trump repeated this claim several times, and it’s just a bold-faced lie.  His administration was forced by a judge to reunite families that they had previously torn apart, but even this court order was not followed by his underlings.  Trump and his team tore families apart and continue to tear them apart and this is a widely acknowledged fact.  For Trump to deny it and claim the opposite is truly Orwellian.  Breaking up families is obviously something he feels so vulnerable about that he has to lie through his teeth to try to evade responsibility.  We can’t let him get away with it.

Second, when asked about his decision to strike Iran and his subsequent change of heart to call off the attack, Trump claimed his change of heart came when he asked the military how many would die and they told him one hundred and fifty.  But it later came to light from White House insiders that Trump asked no such thing and the decision to hold off had nothing to do with casualties.  In fact, he was briefed about casualties when the first decision to strike was made.  So this lie was apparently intended to imply that Trump has a conscience and cares about civilian casualties.  But Vladimir Putin said that a U.S. attack on Iran would be catastrophic, so it’s likely that Trump decided to call off the attack to please Putin.  Trump has acknowledged in the past that he could care less about civilian casualties.

Third, Trump was accused yesterday by a well-known New York writer, E. Jean Carroll, of sexual molestation bordering on rape. In an article in New York Magazine, Carroll recounts being attacked by Trump in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room.  Trump yesterday responded that he had never met Carroll–but she included in her article a picture of herself at a party with Trump, reducing his claim to yet another lie.

Trump’s cult won’t believe any accusation against Trump, no matter how credible or backed by evidence.  And they especially don’t care if he ever molested any women anyway.  Misogyny is one of the core threads of Trumpism, and his ability to grab women by the genitals with impunity is something his supporters admire.  But those of us who came up with Trump in Manhattan in the Eighties and Nineties know all too well that Carroll’s story, and the many others like it, describe the Trump we all knew, a philanderer and adulterer who didn’t take no for an answer.  Here is a link to Carroll’s story:

Trump’s lies are piling up.  Many of them are of little consequence, many of them are bluster or puffing or insincere.  But many others have huge consequences and some even put our nation at grave risk.  He has trashed the office of the presidency and polluted its credibility, and his should horrify us all.  We have to keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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