We recently published a blog post as part of a larger eBlast about the dire state of our planet and environment, mentioning several horrifying developments from the climate science community.  We noted that the most pessimistic climate predictions are regularly surpassed because of unforeseeable, compounding, self-reinforcing effects.  Here is yet another recent report describing such an effect, making the terrifying claim that scientists are seeing changes now to Canadian permafrost that were not predicted to occur until 2090.

Yes, you read that right.  2090.

Here is coverage in the UK’s Independent:


Here’s in-depth coverage in Nature:


The changes to our climate due to human activity have created a planetary emergency.  It’s bad enough that farmers in the Midwest have lost almost an entire crop from heavy, sustained rains due to climate change.  But when several regions suffer similar climate disasters at the same time, what will happen to our food supply?  This could take place any year now, not decades in the future.  If we have any chance of avoiding catastrophe, we have to make global warming our top priority.  We can and should press many other important issues, but they won’t matter if our planet stops being able to sustain human civilization.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court yesterday affirmed a very important legal precedent, that perpetrators of crimes that violate both state and federal statues can be prosecuted by both.  In other words, there is no double jeopardy exemption for such cases.  This is very bad news for Trump’s convicted advisers who are hoping to get pardons.  Trump can only pardon federal crimes, and many of those convicted can also be tried in state court if need be.  Here is coverage in the New York Times:


Trump’s outrageous corruption and criminality should be enough to disqualify him from a second term.  But his administration’s denial of and inaction on climate change are profoundly irresponsible and unforgivable.  It’s absolutely crucial that we kick Trump and his crooked cabinet out of Washington in 2020.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.

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