Keep your eye on news about the Supreme Court this week.  A variety of decisions might be announced as early as today and they could have huge implications for the future direction of the court.  Chief Justice Roberts has vehemently denied that the court is composed of Trump judges and Obama judges, insisting that the court is apolitical and focused on justice.  But many of the issues in front of the court will likely divide the court along political lines.  Justice Roberts is a staunch conservative, and yet he seems to be the most moderate of the right wing, making him the new swing vote.  Will he vote in a way that reinforces the sense that the court is partisan and biased, or will he moderate some of his votes and side with the liberals?  Here is a great overview of the situation in the Washington Post:

It’s clear that the Supreme Court is poised to do major damage to the precedents we’ve taken for granted for forty years–one of the most consequential outcomes of the Trump presidency.  Anything we can do to help defeat Trump and flip the Senate will take us closer to undoing this damage and eventually creating a liberal majority.

In case you missed it, Maureen Dowd had some choice words for Trump in an editorial in the New York Times yesterday.  Here is a highlight:

The way Trump publicly wallows in his mendaciousness and amorality is unique in presidential history. His motto might as well be: “I cannot not tell a lie.” His ego is too fragile to play patriarch to the country, so he takes the more ruinous role of provocateur.

There’s no vaccination against the vile machinations of Trump. But there are some signs, in this sickened capital, that antibodies are kicking in. The president and his top officials are getting taken to task by a range of government watchdogs.

Let’s hope the “antibodies” are able to slow down the corruption and destruction the Trump regime are causing in our agencies.  But the ultimate cure for Trump’s level of dishonesty and criminality is impeachment, which we should all be urging.  As John Oliver outlined on his show last night, impeachment isn’t about removing a president but rather a process of investigating and exposing misdeeds in a very public way.  Yes, it can ultimately result in the end of a presidency, but it’s more about shining a bright light on wrongdoing.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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