Trump and his cabinet continue to accuse Iran of stepping up their “attacks” on targets allied with the West in the aftermath of the bombing of two ships in the Straight of Hormuz.  But the owner of one ship, a Japanese tanker, said yesterday that he didn’t believe the damage was done by an attached mine, as Trump and Pompeo claimed.  The owner instead believes that a flying object struck the ship.

The details are important inasmuch as we were lied to and presented with phony evidence as a pretext for an invasion of Iraq, and it seems clear that the Trump team is desperate to go to war with Iran–despite Trump’s constant criticism on the campaign trail of unnecessary foreign wars, particularly in the Middle East.  Congress is trying to come up with legislation that will make it harder for Trump to attack Iran without Congressional approval, but it will be difficult to find a legislative consensus soon.  Trump and his third-rate advisers would love to create a distraction from all of the scandals and investigations and ethics violations of the Trump regime–so if Trump begins to take us to war for no good reason we need to be ready to mobilize.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far.

One of Trump’s many old scandals made news again yesterday.  His refusal to release his tax returns despite promising to do so on the campaign trail, along with recent reports that he lied about his net worth on loan applications and tax declarations, eventually spurred Congress to request them from the Treasury Department, as they are allowed to do by law.  But Mnuchin at Treasury refused to comply with the law, so Congress subpoenaed him.  Yesterday the DOJ sided with Treasury, claiming that the law allowing Congress to request tax returns was unconstitutional .  So it looks like this issue is heading to court.  Legal observers think Congress has a strong case but with two new partisan hacks on the Supreme Court it’s hard to predict what might ultimately happen.  Stay tuned.

Protests are scheduled to take place today around the country to urge Congress to impeach Trump.  The main target of these protests will be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been reluctant to move forward with impeachment despite clear evidence of crimes by Trump.  As long as impeachment is framed not as a ploy to remove a president but rather as a process to expose wrongdoing and assign blame, it will help Democrats and bolster Congress as a co-equal branch of government.  As of this writing, the nearest protests will be in White Plains and in New York City, so if you happen to be in either place…!  Check this link for info and updates:

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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