The fallout from Trump’s comments about accepting foreign help for an election continued yesterday as members of his own party chastised him for his willingness to violate the law.  Accepting help from a hostile foreign power to influence an election is a crime, full stop.  Trump might not want it to be, and might lie about it and pretend it’s okay, but any observer with knowledge of the law knows it’s illegal.  It’s also unAmerican and unethical, but those facts don’t seem to matter to Trump, whose statements have increased the pressure on Nancy Pelosi to move toward an impeachment proceeding.  Equally distressing, it seems broadly agreed that Trump’s statements will entice hostile nations to hack our 2020 election and interfere on his behalf because they won’t meet resistance from our own security apparatus.  Mitch McConnell continues to block any legislation that would address this eventuality, so our Democracy is at grave risk.

Meanwhile, the Special Counsel’s office accused Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway of multiple violations of the Hatch Act, which prohibits Federal officials from political activity while on the job.  The Special Counsel described her actions as “unprecedented” and recommended she be fired from the executive branch, but Conway and members of the White House pushed back and refused, which is the predictable response from an administration without any ethics or standards.  It remains to be seen what consequences, if any, Conway will suffer for her flaunting of the law.

It was also announced yesterday that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her post at the end of the month.  Considering that she long ago stopped holding daily briefings out of exhaustion from defending so many lies, her departure is not a shock, nor is it surprising that Trump has not announced any replacement.  It’s yet another symptom of an administration that is moving toward opaque authoritarian rule and away from accountability and credibility.

When viewed from a distance, Trump’s White House is a steady stream of chaos and corruption.  Every day brings a new outrage that overshadows all the other scandals and crimes that keep piling up.  The Trump administration is hopelessly unethical and lawless, so it’s our desperate task to support impeachment and do whatever we can to “vote his ass out of office.”  Keep resisting…

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