Donald Trump continues to prove that he’s an ethical black hole, seemingly without bottom.  In a shocking interview yesterday with George Stephanopoulos for CBS, Trump denied that accepting help from a hostile foreign power to win an election would be a crime, even though the director of the FBI states clearly that it is.  Trump went on to say that candidates and politicians who are approached by a hostile foreign power and offered dirt on an opponent should “listen” and not necessarily call the FBI.  Here is a link to the interview:

Trump pretends that calling the FBI on the Russians would be unthinkable, saying “I don’t think in my whole life I’ve ever called the FBI.”  Of course Trump has never called the FBI, because criminals don’t usually call law enforcement.

It’s clear that accepting help from a hostile foreign power is against the law, especially if it has monetary value, yet Trump admitted that he would accept it again if offered in 2020.  It’s a stunning admission and a testament to Trump’s criminality and lack of integrity.  Trump wants us to believe that everybody is getting info from hostile foreign powers, but this defense is ridiculous.  Most politicians know that it’s against the law, and the FBI and/or CIA would find them out.

The other nefarious dimension to Trump’s statements is the implicit invitation to powers like Russia and China to help Trump in 2020.  And why wouldn’t they?  He’s a disaster for our country and a force for division and hatred, so of course they would try to help him.  And he needs their help to get re-elected.  His recent internal polling numbers were disastrous, so his statements yesterday were a communication to foreign governments for help.

Trump’s statements are yet another impetus to begin impeachment hearings in the House.  With each passing day we get another Trump scandal or outrage, and many of them have national security implications that put our nation at greater risk.  So it’s paramount that we press our Representatives to pursue impeachment–not to remove Trump from office, but to expose on a national stage the misdeeds, transgressions, and crimes that he’s committed.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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