I just returned from my college reunion and it was a fascinating experience.  I attended a small private university in the 80’s that was unusually conservative.  I wasn’t engaged with or particularly aware of politics in college even though I had been raised in a very political and liberal family.  I was aware that my fellow classmates were mostly Republicans and saw the world differently than I did, but I was more focused on my ambitions.  A lot has changed since then!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my fellow classmates this last weekend so I was amazed when one of my freshman hall-mates disclosed that he was a life-long Republican who was prepared to vote for anyone but Trump.  He described himself as a “McCain Republican” and was horrified by Trump and his vulgar antics, noting that the Trump mindset went against everything he valued.  Two female classmates sitting with us strongly agreed.

Later, I spoke to two fraternity brothers whom I assumed were conservative yet they were clearly not happy with the director of our nation, particularly with the tariffs that are destroying our economy and farmers for no legitimate or rational purpose.  They were also horrified by our military spending and the corresponding jingoism that has taken over the Republican party since the presidency of Bush II.

These stories are, of course, anecdotes that have little broader relevance, and yet the experiences were comforting to me.  It was nice to see middle-aged conservatives who might have voted for Trump three years ago see through him now and reject his presidency.

It was also reported over the weekend that support for Trump by women has been dropping.  A Hill-HarrisX poll showed that 53% of registered female voters were very unlikely to vote the Trump in 2020 and another 9% were unlikely to vote for Trump.  Women who are registered to vote outnumber men, and if 62% of them are not going to vote for Trump, it will be extremely difficult for Trump to be re-elected.

So the key to beating Trump in 2020 will simply be to get bodies to the polls.  The greater the turnout, the greater our chances of winning, on both a local level and a Federal level.  So please keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.

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