Yesterday marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion that proved one of the turning points of the Second World War.  Trump traveled from his embarrassing stop in London to visit Normandy to commemorate the sacrifice of our troops, but he was unable to stop abusing decorum and further embarrassing himself.  In an interview beside a US cemetery with gravestones in the background, Trump couldn’t even act with grace for a moment, departing from the day’s memorials to insult prosecutor Robert Mueller–a Vietnam war hero with more courage and honor in his little finger than President BoneSpurs has in his entire body.  Trump later shared a stage with French president Emmanuel Macron and began to prattle about “this being one of the great places…when you think about great places, this is certain among the top…according to some people, the top. ”  Epic fail.  Undignified and embarrassing.

A lot of American soldiers died in Normandy, and yet it was striking to read yesterday that more Americans were shot to death between January 1st and March 6th of this year than died on D-Day.  Gun deaths are an epidemic in this country, but even mass shootings don’t seem to be enough to prompt lawmakers into action to make things at least a little more safe.  Reporting from the Washington Post:

Today is the start of the “Wear Orange for Gun Safety” weekend protest organized by Everytown, a gun control organization started by Michael Bloomberg.  They are hosting events, which you can search here:

In Washington yesterday, it seemed that the House Oversight Committee was getting ready to hold Republicans William Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with subpoenas to hand over documents relating to the configuration of the 2020 census.  Barr is also facing possible contempt charges by the House Judiciary Committee for failing to comply with a different subpoena, so it seems the hot water around Trump’s “Roy Cohn” is rising.  Barr has proven himself a brazen partisan hack loyal to Trump, but it’s widely believed that he doesn’t want to be held in contempt and have his legacy stained, so it will interesting to see whether the threat of contempt will stir him into compliance.

I’m going to a college reunion this weekend and won’t be posting again until Monday morning, Day 872.  It looks like a beautiful weather weekend coming up in the Hudson Valley so enjoy and recharge your batteries.  Only by conserving our energy will we be able to continue resisting and working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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