The Republican Party was okay with destroying the ACA while having nothing to take its place.  The party was okay with taking children from their parents and locking them up in cages.  The party was okay with the Russians attacking our nation online and hacking our elections.  The party was okay with a president who broke the law and whose campaign tried to work with the Russians to win an election.  And the party remains okay with a president who profits from his office and lies almost every time he opens his mouth.  But it turns out the GOP is not okay with tariffs.  Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico until they stop all immigration into the United States seems to be a step too far.  The plutocrats who fund the GOP re-election campaigns will lose too much money if the tariffs go into effect, so Republicans in Congress are finally beginning to oppose Trump on this policy.

Trump may have been bluffing, because he’s made so many threats against so many countries very few of which have been put into action.  But the GOP isn’t going to wait to find out.  They’re moving forward with legislation to try to curtail any tariffs that Trump might impose on Mexico.  And in predictable fashion, the stock market rebounded yesterday on the hope that the GOP would succeed.  What sort of tantrum will Trump commit in response to this rebuke from his own party?  We will likely find out soon.

Meanwhile, Trump’s visit to Europe is providing a steady stream of verbal diarrhea.  Trump just can’t shut up, yet his statements and responses to questions are increasingly bizarre.  There don’t seem to be any restraints on his lies–he just makes stuff up in the moment to suit whatever lie or spin he feels he needs.  Yesterday he said that Transgender troops “take a massive amount of drugs” even though our troops “are not allowed to,” which is patently false.  What the hell was he even trying to convey?  His lies have become so frequent and blatant that the ever-cautious mainstream press has finally started to call them “lies” rather than “he misspoke” or “pushed a falsehood” or whatever.  It’s been a noticeable enough change that the Washington Post reported on it last night:

Nowadays, many in the news media are no longer bothering to grant Trump the benefit of the doubt. In routine news and feature stories, Trump’s dishonesty carries no fig leaf. It is described baldly.

It’s also becoming clear that Trump’s lies and Tweets are pushing independent voters away from him.  Trump’s disapproval ratings in key swing states are moving against him, including Iowa (54%), Arizona (51%), Pennsylvania (52%), North Carolina (50%), and Ohio (50%).  These are good numbers, and we will need good numbers to overcome the electoral college advantage that Trump will have.

Keep resisting and keep working “vote his ass out of office.”

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