As predicted, the stock market took a beating yesterday on news that Trump was planning new tariffs against Mexico in order to deter illegal immigration.  The chorus of criticism to Trump’s policy was broad and loud, including many Republican politicians and market experts who were surprised and angry that Trump would consider a policy so potentially damaging to essential trade and the economy.

Trump’s timing also called into question whether the Mexico tariffs were announced in order to distract from Mueller’s recent public statement and the ensuing clamor for impeachment.  Trump is good at causing a scandal to distract from an even bigger scandal, and that’s what we might be seeing here.  Speaker Pelosi continues to proceed with caution but others in her caucus are increasingly vocal about moving toward impeachment.

The most important aspect of an impeachment inquiry would be the exposure and dramatization of the key facts of the Mueller report to the public.  A large segment of the country has been fed the lie of “total exoneration” and has no clue that the report details crimes of obstruction by Trump.  The only way to break through the conservative distortion bubble and attack their media lie machine is with a very public process of fact finding.

Yesterday was also the deadline day for the DOJ to release an unredacted version of a phone message from a Trump lawyer to convicted criminal Michael Flynn, but the DOJ did not follow the court order.  Apparently Attorney General Barr believes that not just Trump but the entire DOJ is above the law.  His refusal to comply with the court is yet another blow to the separation of powers and a thumb in the eye of justice.  Congress should move to cite Barr with another count of contempt of Congress and if the executive branch continues to scoff at the law in such a blatant and tyrannical way there should be consequences including jail time.  Barr is proving himself a thoroughly disingenuous and malignant force in service of Trump.

Enjoy your weekend and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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