The past few days have produced good news and bad news for climate change.  Beyond the horrible reporting about historically high carbon levels and the catastrophic weather we are already seeing, how is the world responding?

First, the bad news.  Reports seems to confirm that the Trump administration is scrubbing the EPA of its climate data in an attempt to keep the conclusions of decades of research out of the administration’s conversations and policy.  Here’s reporting in the New York Times:

We can only hope that the career scientists at the EPA have copied and backed up their data so it can be repopulated when the Trump catastrophe is ended and his corrupt cabinet of lobbyists and polluters is kicked out.

Now, the good news.  The elections that occurred over the weekend in Europe to elect a new EU parliament turned out very differently than many pundits feared.  There was much talk that voters would usher in a wave of right-wing nationalists but that wave was more like a ripple.  Instead, the Green Party was the surprise wave, boosted by the surging votes of young people who were concerned about climate change.  Here’s coverage in the Washington Post:

Young people are fed up with the inaction of old political elites on climate and are showing up to vote them out.  This mirrors the results we saw in the 2018 midterms where the largest increase in turnout of any voting demographic was the youth vote–which bodes well for progressives in the 2020 election.  Pollsters are confounded that Trump, a president presiding over a robust economy, can’t get his approval numbers over 40%, but they aren’t factoring in the fear and anxiety from the threat of climate change that a robust economy cannot erase, particularly among our youth.  Rising stock prices simply can’t ameliorate the historically bad weather we are suffering on a regular basis and this will remain a big political factor in the decades ahead.

Keep pushing for climate action and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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