Indivisible The Fight Is On reveres and honors all of the many service members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.  It’s our responsibility as American citizens to make sure their sacrifice was not in vain by continuing to protect and defend our nation from external threats and from the internal rot that can fester when fear and hatred are sold by propagandists for the sake of greed and power.

Recent reports that Trump is considering pardoning several American war criminals (American soldiers who murdered civilians while in the Middle East) have stirred a lot of ire on social media, especially from veterans who are appalled that our commander in chief would betray the values of our armed forces and stain a code of conduct that many of them hold sacred.  Why would Trump consider pardoning murderers–some of whose crimes were truly horrific, some of whom were turned in by their disgusted fellow soldiers?

A brilliant overview and summary of the situation came yesterday from Jamelle Bouie in the New York Times.  Bouie writes:

The president likes “tough” people and “tough” action, where “tough” is a euphemism for violent…

For Trump, this toughness — this willingness to act cruelly and brutally — is a virtue. That’s especially true when the targets are racial others…

With these pardons, he has made a promise to those who might engage in the violence he admires: If you do these things, I will protect you.

Link to op-ed:

Trump loves to push “tough” because he knows he’s weak.  He’s always been a thin-skinned wimp with a fragile ego.  That’s why his need for adulation and praise and attention seems bottomless.  He hides behind tough guys and taunts his enemies but at his core he’s a coward.  He can’t even fire his own staff face-to-face.  He can’t stop himself from lashing out at anyone who contradicts or insults him because he’s terrified of being exposed as the fraud and hack he knows he is.

Pardoning war criminals would be a reprehensible way to honor Memorial Day.  But nothing–nothing–is below Trump.  As he tacitly condones and encourages violence, it should signal to us the urgency in working hard to get out the vote next year.  His presidency has already had an awful impact on the character of our society, but if we can’t vote him out of office next year the lasting damage will by truly catastrophic.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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