A doctored video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi was re-tweeted yesterday by both Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.  The clip was slowed and manipulated to make Pelosi appear to be slurring or garbling her words.


This type of video smear is common on social media but it’s uncommon that anyone in a position of power would embrace and amplify such an blatant and discredited fraud.  But Trump and his administration are uncommonly vile and underhanded, as his Twitter activity proves almost every day.

Of course, there are plenty of un-doctored videos of Trump slurring his words and mangling sentences and mis-pronouncing words.  But yesterday’s episode is likely a preview of the type of campaign Trump is going to run as Congress and prosecutors get closer and closer to exposing his finances and shady past.  The more desperate Trump gets, the more we are going to see disgusting attacks and smears against his opponents.  It’s horrifying enough that he now regularly accuses the FBI and Democrats of treason and goads his crowds into cheering for the jailing of his opponents.  It’s pitiful enough that he trots his aides out in front of the cameras to praise him and assure Americans that he’s not an angry, ranting lunatic but rather a “calm, stable genius.”  The media dismisses such conduct as “typical kooky Trump!”  But Trump knows that the moment he leaves office he will likely be indicted for any number of felonies–campaign finance fraud, for starters.  So he will likely do anything to avoid losing, and it’s going to get ugly.

But Trump will never stop being Trump.  He will never stop being a vulgar, graceless, bullying, vengeful victim whose only real talent is lying.  The GOP bows to him, so the Republican brand has now been distilled merely to cruelty.  And as Trump’s cult feasts on the cruelty, the rest of America grows ever more weary and motivated to get rid of Trump and Trumpism.  A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 54% of voters “definitely” will not vote for Trump.  Whatever disgusting campaign he eventually runs will probably do nothing to bring more voters into his cult.  It’s comforting to remember that the number of 2016 Hillary voters who will vote for Trump in 2020 is zero, while the number of 2016 Trump voters who will vote for anyone else in 2020 is many thousands.

This Memorial Day weekend we remember those Americans who paid the ultimate price for our nation.  Let’s honor their sacrifice by continuing to work to “vote his ass out of office.”  Enjoy the holiday and keep resisting…

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