It’s uncanny how every insult Trump hurls at his attackers is a pure reflection of himself.

He calls Hillary “crooked” because he knows he’s always been crooked.

He calls any number of Democrats “liars” because he’s a pathological liar.

He calls various people “low IQ” because he’s not nearly as smart as he wishes.

He calls rivals “low energy” yet he’s the laziest president in modern times.

And yesterday he gave Nancy Pelosi the nickname “crazy” and said she was “a mess”, which is exactly what most observers have been saying…about Trump.  Recent court losses and victories for Democrats have put Trump over the edge.

Trump later tweeted a video of Pelosi stammering, but the video had been doctored and shown to be a hoax.  Didn’t stop Trump.  There’s no bottom to the depths he’ll sink to debase the presidency.

Trump seems terrified of what critics are saying about him on any given day and he just immediately hurls the same criticisms at whoever happens to be in his sphere to make himself feel better and deflect.  He’s that thin skinned and petty.  Even when talking about others, he’s talking about himself.

And it would be funny if it weren’t so dangerously consequential.  Trump also yesterday gave Attorney General William Barr full authority to declassify any intelligence from any of our agencies as they investigate the investigators who contributed to the Mueller report.  Anonymous sources inside have already said that Barr wanted to know who our assets were in Russia during 2016–would he then tell Trump, who would tell Putin? It’s a horrifying thought.

Barr also laid out a 17 count indictment against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on charges that he violated the espionage act by publishing government secrets.  Assange is a villain in the Trump/Russia story, to be sure, but our courts have never allowed the government to successfully prosecute anyone for publishing government secrets, which is exactly what journalists are supposed to do.  But authoritarians and tyrants always go after the press, and they always start with the most hated people on the margins–like Assange–before they slowly come after the people in the mainstream who criticize those in power.  So this could be a very dangerous and unAmerican project that Barr and Trump are perpetrating.

We can’t get rid of these scumbags fast enough.  And it starts here in our own NY-19 backyard.  We have to make sure we approach the 2020 election with the same local vigor and determination that went into the 2018 midterm victories.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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