Trump had a tantrum in the White House yesterday at the start of an infrastructure meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and House Leader Nancy Pelosi.  He basically threatened to stop doing his job as long as the Democrats continued with their various investigations.  He ended the meeting before anyone could respond and sped to the Rose Garden to whine and spew to the press.  Trump’s performance was so ridiculous (and unbecoming of the presidency, of course) that it became the top news story.  Dana Milbank gave the best summary of the Trump tantrum in a Washington Post opinion titled “Trump seems to be transparently mad”:

It’s important to keep in mind exactly who Trump is.  He’s an incurious doofus who inherited at least $400 million from his father and spent most of his adulthood buying fancy things with that money so he could chase women.  One of the things he bought was real estate, and he eventually conned a lot of Americans into believing that buying things made him a brilliant businessman.  He also conned himself into believing that he was a great negotiator because he could push around contractors and bully them into reducing their fees or sue them into submission.  Trump thinks negotiating is all about screaming and sulking and walking out of meetings and making one-sided demands and insulting his opponents and threatening to sue. But when facing sophisticated opponents with deep pockets, Trump reveals himself as a horrible and impotent negotiator, which he’s demonstrated often as president.  He’s been bested again and again by Putin, China and North Korea.  And now, being beaten by Federal judges and the Democrats is driving Trump crazy.  All he knows how to do is whine to the press and lie and bang his fists–none of which will do him any good.  It’s pitiful.

The question that looms over the Trump presidency is how volatile and unhinged Trump will get as the various investigations begin to hit pay-dirt and uncover things Trump doesn’t want to us to see.  His secrets are going to come out, some later, but some possibly soon.  Another judge affirmed a House subpoena yesterday, this one to force Deutsche Bank to turn over Trump financial records to Congress.  What is Trump hiding?  Based on his desperation, it’s something the public won’t like.  And we might see it long before the 2020 election. 

On the local front, did you know that Dutchess County is gerrymandered on a local level?  County legislators get to draw up the district maps, which lead to skewed representation based on the party of the legislators drawing up the maps.  Several local legislators are trying to change the system, and they’ve put a petition online that’s worthy of our consideration.  Check it out and if you agree that that the proposal is a good thing for Dutchess County and for local Democracy, please sign it:

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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