The refusal of the IRS to hand over Trump’s tax returns suffered another blow yesterday as an internal report came to light wherein the IRS admitted they were obligated by law to provide tax returns to Congress on request.  The disclosure of the memo cast Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s recent testimony to Congress in a harsh light.  It looked like Mnuchin lied to Congress when asked about the official IRS stance on the law stating the IRS must comply with Congressional requests, saying he wasn’t aware of a policy when he clearly had internal communications clarifying the policy.

Here’s a report on the issue from the New York Times:

Yesterday also saw large protests around the country opposing the recent spate of harsh anti-abortion bills.  Activists gathered in at least 400 locations to urge lawmakers and judges to protect the historic Roe v Wade decision, which seems to be under threat by the new, extreme-conservative judges on the Supreme Court.

Here’s great coverage of the protests by NPR:

It’s hard to know what the future holds for Roe, but Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin penned an excellent overview in the latest New Yorker of the contours of Roe’s current legal jeopardy.  Here’s an excerpt:

The human costs of these new laws can scarcely be overstated. Laws have never stopped women from getting abortions; indeed, the abortion rate in countries that ban the procedure is about the same as it is in countries that allow it. But, by driving the practice underground, the new laws will increase the danger to women’s health. It was once thought that the availability of abortifacient drugs would allow women to avoid the strictures of anti-abortion laws, but these methods are now being targeted, too.

Here’s a link to the full article:

It seems likely that some or all of the Roe decision may be overturned, so it’s important to keep supporting and advocating the pro-choice agenda.  More legal decisions are likely to be handed down soon, and more will be revealed.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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