Nationwide gatherings are scheduled today to protest the recent abortion bans in several Republican-controlled states, most notably the near-absolute ban in Alabama.

Two protest gatherings have thus far been planned for our Congressional district, one in Poughkeepsie at the headquarters of Planned Parenthood at 178 Church Street, and one in Hudson at Planned Parenthood at 804 Columbia Street.  Both will take place at 5:30 pm, while some of the larger actions in New York City and the District of Columbia will start at noon.

You can find more info here:

House Democrats got good news yesterday.  The House subpoena of Trump’s financial records from accounting firm Mazars was affirmed by a judge, who blasted the suit by Trump to quash the subpoena in a blunt ruling.  Furthermore, the judge did not grant a stay of the subpoena pending an appeal by Trump and instead gave Mazars seven days to comply.  It was a huge win for the rule of law and a confirmation of the power of Congress to investigate the executive branch with broad authority.

A different House committee also subpoenaed Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank, which Trump also sued to prevent.  But yesterday’s Mazars ruling was almost an identical case, leading most observers to conclude that the House will also succeed in getting crucial records from Deutsche Bank.  This is particularly important after recent revelations that Deutsche Bank flagged several suspicious transactions by Trump and Kushner during 2016 and 2017 that had the hallmarks of money laundering–but senior execs kept their employees from alerting the Feds.  We learned yesterday that some of those transactions were apparently funds going from Kushner to Russians, which was alarming considering all of the other nefarious contacts between the Trump team and Russia.

The House also published transcripts yesterday of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s closed door testimony, which alleged that Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow engaged in witness tampering and obstruction by urging Cohen to lie to Congress.  If true, the allegation mirrors the strategy used for years by organized crime to have their lawyers intimidate witnesses and then hide behind their attorney-client privilege–a strategy that forced lawmakers to create special legal provisions for mob lawyers stripping them of their ability to invoke attorney-client privilege when engaged in a criminal conspiracy.  This could put Sekulow and others in grave legal jeopardy.

The Trump White House is an ethical sewer and it’s only getting worse.  The more we find out from all of the investigations, the more pressure will come to bear on Trump and his corrupt regime, and the more desperate Trump will become to distract us and direct our attention somewhere else.  We can’t let them.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”  #StopTheBans

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