It always comes back to the money.

One thing we’ve known for decades–Donald Trump & his businesses were always shady.  He almost went bust several times but seemed to reappear and reinvent himself.  How?  He’s long been known to fraternize with mobsters, early on with members of the New York Mafia and later with members of the Russian mob.  And he’s long been rumored to be a money launderer and a fraud.  It was horrifying to find out that the Mueller team didn’t look very closely at Trump’s finances, and it raised the question of whether Mueller was secretly prohibited by Rosenstein from going down that path.

But yesterday the New York Times reported that in 2016 and 2017 professionals at Deutsche Bank noticed several transactions made by Trump and Jared Kushner that had the hallmarks of money laundering.  They alerted executives but top brass decided not to alert the authorities.  And now Deutsche Bank has some explaining to do.  Here’s a link to the story by the Times:

Scrutiny of Trump & family’s finances and business dealings will only intensify.  House Democrat Adam Schiff is already marshaling the resources of the House Intelligence Committee to look into Trump’s finances.  And the New York State Attorney General is looking into his now-defunct charity.  Looking at the span of Trump’s career, something has never smelled right and it feels like the investigators are finally getting a lot closer to the truth.  And Trump is raging.

Trump always lets you know where his vulnerabilities lie when he becomes defensive. And while the Mueller probe remains a tremendous vulnerability for Trump, a light shining deep into his finances appears to be his greatest fear.  It’s what animates his most venomous assaults.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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