It’s easy to imagine that the Mueller report is finished, especially in light of the spin put on the report by Attorney General Barr from the day of the report’s release.  And that’s exactly what Trump and his corrupt team want us to imagine.  But the more we learn about the report and the redacted evidence, the more it looks like the Trump White House was blatantly and clearly guilty of criminal obstruction of justice.

Yesterday in a federal hearing, the Mueller team un-sealed certain court filings relating to former White House adviser Michael Flynn, and we learned for the first time that Trump’s personal attorney threatened Flynn when Flynn backed out of a joint defense agreement with the president.  By backing out, Flynn was indicating that he intended to cooperate with the Mueller probe, and Trump’s lawyer tried more than once to coerce Flynn into changing his mind.  The approach was almost laughably cartoonish, in the style of a mobster: “Mister Trump ain’t gonna like it, if youse know what I mean.”  The lawyer was actually stupid and amateurish enough to leave a voicemail for Flynn, which Flynn later provided to the Feds and yesterday revealed to the public.  Pundits and politicians were openly wondering last night why Congress doesn’t move directly to impeachment given these new disclosures.

No wonder Trump has been rage-tweeting for weeks about Mueller and the report–even though he has also been claiming that the report gives him “total exoneration.”  No wonder Barr and the other Trump flunkies have been so determined to stonewall Congress and keep the details of the report secret and keep the investigators themselves from testifying.  We’re starting to see that the underlying evidence in the Mueller report supports clear criminal obstruction, directly contradicting the lies of Trump and Barr.

It was also notable that the Mueller team was willing to release redacted portions of the report in their court filing today, signalling an increased willingness to get crucial information to the public about the president’s criminal activity in the absence of cooperation from the DOJ and Barr.  Also, the judge who was hearing the case ruled that all redactions in the Mueller report relating to Michael Flynn must be made public within two weeks.  This is significant because it’s the second time a judge has looked at the unredacted Mueller report and ruled for greater disclosure.  In other words, when Judges see what’s actually in the details of the report they decide the public has a vital interest in seeing it.

Here’s good coverage from Katelyn Polantz at CNN:

Congressional subpoenas are about to come due on several fronts, and it seems clear that the Trump goon squad won’t comply, so House Democrats are talking about legal options and enforcement powers.  Stay tuned.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”



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