Republicans continue to whine and feign outrage over the Democrats’ refusal to stop investigating a dishonest president who is up to his orange comb-over in corruption.  The party of Eternal Benghazi and But Her Emails wants the Democrats to stop “harassing” the president and to work instead on things that will help the country. But anyone paying attention knows that the Democrats in the House have been passing bill after bill to help the American voter, while the Republican-controlled Senate remains the chamber where little happens and House bills go to die. Many are now calling it Mitch McConnell’s graveyard.  The House has already passed bills to enact common-sense gun regulations, protect our air and water, and reign in the health care industrial complex.  But the greedy corporations that own McConnell and the GOP want their avarice to remain unrestrained.

With so many investigations, Trump is facing a huge problem and he knows it.  That’s why his Tweets are becoming more desperate and his speeches increasingly unhinged and frantic.  He and his administration are facing subpoenas and legal actions on so many fronts it’s hard to keep track of them all.  The New York State Senate just passed a bill that will allow Congress to have access to Trump’s state tax returns–a state bureaucracy that Trump has no control over.  The Assembly is scheduled to debate the measure today, and Governor Cuomo indicated over the weekend that he supports the legislation.  Meanwhile, states are passing laws that require presidential candidates to release their taxes before they can appear on the ballot.  California was the latest to do so.  Trump and his regime are becoming like the Dutch Boy, fighting a losing battle to plug multiplying leaks in the flimsy dam surrounding the White House.

At the White House today Hungarian strongman Victor Orban will make his first visit, having been refused by Bush II and Obama.  Trump can’t pass up another opportunity to cavort with an authoritarian so he will grant the odious Orban the prestige and gravitas of the Oval Office, further staining the office of the presidency.

Also today, the markets will react to the bad news that Trump’s tariff negotiations failed.  As of this writing, Dow futures were down 240 points in overseas markets, so investors seem confident that Trump will continue to damage our economy and hurt businesses.  It’s rumored that capitalist Trump is trying to authorize another multi-billion dollar government bailout of farmers who will be hammered by his latest tariffs, a bold-faced attempt to buy their votes heading into 2020.  But polls suggest that sentiment has swung dramatically against Trump in the affected farm states, where his approval/disapproval split has eroded by 14-to-17%.  Bad news for farmers is also bad news for Trump in 2020.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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