As predicted, the new Trump tariffs on China caused the markets to sink Friday morning as investors fled stocks that would be hurt by Trump’s disastrous policies.  Stephen Mnuchin made a statement late in the trading day that ‘talks were progressing’, which brought the markets back up, but after the markets closed it became clear that the trade negotiations with China had failed and would be tabled for the time being.  This is bad news for America’s farmers and bad news for consumers of thousands of products, from washing machines to cars.

Mnuchin is a feckless and entitled doofus, but he knows how to use his position as Treasury Secretary to lie to Wall Street for a short-term market boost.  It won’t last.  Meanwhile on Friday, Mnuchin was subpoenaed by Congress to produce Trump’s tax returns.  The IRS commissioner was also given a similar subpoena.  The Democrats are upping their game and matching the lawlessness of the Trump regime with legal force.  They are also talking openly about steep fines for anyone who defies a Congressional subpoena, and they are also floating the idea of jail time for people who defy their subpoenas.  Congress has these powers, though they have rarely ever used them.  But these are extraordinary times.

The latest example of extraordinary corruption from team Trump came from disgraced lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is flying to the Ukraine to ask for dirt on Trump Democratic opponent Joe Biden.  Giuliani is trying to normalize the use of hostile foreign powers to attack domestic political opponents, both because it will help Trump in the next election, and because it makes Trump’s wildly unethical, immoral, and unAmerican contacts with Russia in 2016 seem less so.  The party of Trump has sunk so low that they are openly supporting and taking unAmerican and unpatriotic acts while their cult of followers, including most of the GOP, says nothing.

Finally, media observers are noting that male Democratic candidates are getting a lot more air time than their female counterparts, even though the men, by-and-large, have been political losers while the women have mostly been undefeated political winners.  It’s hard to look at what’s going on and come to any conclusion other than bias.  Here’s a Tweet from Amber Tamblyn that perfectly sums up the mindset of many in the Democratic party:

Keep resisting and working to “vote is ass out of office.”

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