Late last night it was reported that Trump’s trade talks with China broke down and Trump was moving ahead with $200-billion in additional tariffs on Chinese goods.  “So easy!  I’m the greatest negotiator ever, folks!”  The current tariff situation is bad enough, but throwing another $200-billion in penalties on American businesses, which is the effect of a tariff, is going to cause massive pain to affected industries.  Trump has already bankrupted the domestic soybean industry, he’s put cherished businesses like Harley Davidson on the brink of fiscal disaster, and he’s raised the cost for basic materials like steel and aluminum.  Trade agreements and trade wars are complex, requiring psychological strategy and great attention to detail and nuance.  But all Trump knows how to do is hit opponents with a heavy club and beat them into compliance.  That won’t work on the global stage with opponents like China whose intelligence and acumen dwarf Trump’s.  Coverage from the NY Times here:

Markets are unpredictable, but it’s easy to imagine that the stock market won’t like this news.  And corporations who rely on the materials affected will report lower profits as a result of these news tariffs.  Trump loves to brag about the solid economy (he inherited from Barack Obama) but he’s doing everything he can to slow it down and damage certain industries.  Democrats need to attack these tariffs and activists can help.  We need to keep letting the public know that the pain agriculture and industry are feeling is purely the fault of Trump’s bad judgement and disastrous negotiating failures.

Also happening yesterday, a bill passed in the House of Representatives sponsored by Democrats called the “Protecting Americans with Pre-existing Conditions Act of 2019”.  It’s meant to protect the ACA from attacks by the executive branch that erode the core of the protections built into the initial legislation.  Nancy Pelosi issued a statement about the legislation that you can read here:

The bill puts pressure on Senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell, who give lip service to pre-existing conditions while they quietly try to kill them.  So assuming that “Grim Reaper” Mitch McConnell does not allow a version of this bill to reach the floor of the Senate, the Democrats will be able to use the failure of Republicans to support protecting pre-existing conditions as ammunition in the 2020 elections.

Keep your eye on McConnell’s reaction to this bill.  And keep resisting Trump and working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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