Takeaways from a busy Wednesday:

  • The House Judiciary Committee held AG William Barr in Contempt of Congress
  • The Senate Intel Committee issued a subpoena for Donald Jr. to testify
  • The Trump regime “decreed” that Executive Privilege covers the entire Mueller report

But you probably already knew most of that.

Did you know this: Sarah Sanders implemented a new set of press-credential rules that, in essence, bar many long serving reporters from White House events (briefings rarely take place anymore)?  It’s just another infuriating insult to our Democracy and the Fourth Estate, in the category of “what dictators do.”  Dana Milbank of the Washington Post was one of the affected journalists:


Observing Trump and his regime on a daily basis is a horrifying and gut-wrenching endeavor for anyone with a heart and a brain.  But it’s the fecklessness of the Republican party which is the most galling dimension of the Trump disaster.  Yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee debate was a prime example.  To a person, every single Republican member who spoke reeled off the same lies and distortions that Trump himself Tweets.  I found myself screaming at the TV screen more than once as elected reps completely ignored the fact that our Democracy had been attacked–and is still being attacked–by Russia while complaining about the “so unfair” Mueller report, as if the investigation that resulted in multiple felony indictments and convictions was a trivial anecdote and not a hair-on-fire national emergency.  They claimed that the report exonerated Trump of obstruction of justice, when in fact it did the opposite.  At the risk of sounding like an insane tea-party lunatic from the Obama days, the Republicans in Congress are so derelict in their duties that we have to question their patriotism, not to mention their judgement and morality.  Their lying in service of Trump is a disgrace.

Living under a corrupt, narcissistic, lying, wannabe-dictator is exhausting for anybody who cares about our country, our history, and our system of government.  But it’s so much worse when that Con-man is supported by an entire political party.  At least during Nixon there were some Republicans with integrity and honor.  But none of those Republicans are left in Trump’s GOP.

Nancy Pelosi correctly assessed that we must vote Trump out of office decisively in 2020–assuming the Russians don’t alter vote totals for him–if we want to have any chance of slamming the door shut on Trumpism.  Until then, we have to work hard and do what we can do to hold onto our 2018 gains.  We also have to avoid burnout.  Here’s a interesting and relevant TED talk on avoiding activism burnout by Yana Buhrer Tavanier:


Keep resisting and working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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