Trump spoke to Vladimir Putin on the phone yesterday morning for an hour and reports disclosed that he said nothing to Putin about Russia hacking our elections, but did mention the end of the “Russian hoax” Mueller probe, and did take Putin’s word that Russia is not doing anything to interfere in Venezuela.  Trump has done a ton of scandalous and malignant crap while in office, but few things are more disgraceful, unAmerican and downright traitorous than his refusal to protect our nation from cyber attacks by Russia–attacks that our intelligence community has been screaming about for three years.  Let’s be clear–a strong case can be made that a cyber attack is an act of war.  It’s not much different than shutting down our power grid or putting nukes in Cuba.  It’s a direct threat to the core mechanism at the heart of our republic–free and fair elections.  If our elections are tampered with and corrupted and their legitimacy ruined, we are screwed.  But that’s the exact situation we face from Russia, as our intelligence community continues to affirm.

It was reported recently that a top voting machine maker installed remote-access software in voting systems that make them more vulnerable to hacking that could alter voting software or vote counts.

This is some scary shit.

IF the Democrats are able to wrest control from a president and Republican party that seem comfortable taking help from hostile foreign powers and cheating at every turn, the first thing the Democrats should do is mandate a much more robust voting system with an inviolable paper trail.  The second thing they should do is mount an all-out assault on Russian cyber capability.

We have to focus on our part here in NY 19.  We have to make sure to support and vote for local Democratic politicians.  We have to work to ensure that Congressman Delgado is re-elected.  And we have to work to make sure that Trump becomes a one-term president whose only lasting legacy is a cautionary tale about a the intolerable damage that can happen to a Democracy by electing a sleazy, lying con-man and wanna-be tyrant.

Keep resisting and working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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