Trump started his weekend on Friday night with another vanity-rally, this time in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he made several bizarre and outrageous remarks including one about mothers and doctors conspiring to kill newborn babies.  It’s not even clear what Trump meant, and his sentences are often a vague word-salad anyway.  But Trump was continuing his strategy of saying vile and inciting things that stir up the passion of his cult, regardless of how many other people are offended or outraged.

A poll by Reuters on Friday showed that Trump’s approval rating was near an all-time low of 37% while a different tracking pollster had Trump’s disapproval rating at 53%.  Trump has the lowest approval rating of at least the last 12 presidents at this same point in their presidencies. In fact, it’s nine points behind the next closest, which was one-termer Gerald Ford at 47%.  The Trump cult is a solid bloc that Trump can count on, but they won’t get him elected.  And his strategy, as the vanity-rally comments confirm, is to keep his cult excited while ignoring all other voters.  Most presidents tack to the center toward the end of their first term to bring more voters into their camp, but Trump–who claims to be the most brilliant president since Lincoln, the man with the best words and the biggest IQ who knows more than all the generals–thinks he can win again with his angry-elderly-white base.

It’s easy to feel snake-bitten after the 2016 disaster.  And it’s reasonable to wonder if Trump won only because Russia interfered on social media, or worse, hacked our voting system.  But Trump isn’t magic.  He’s the most divisive and polarizing political figure in a lifetime.  Trump can’t change the laws of physics and he can’t suddenly become likable to the millions of voters who have come to hate his presidency and the constant stream of lies and ridiculous exaggerations that flow from his mouth.  Trump won three states by a tiny margin, and many 2016 Democratic voters stayed home thinking Hillary would beat him handily, and many independents stayed home or voted for Trump thinking “how bad could Trump be?”  Now they know, and the midterms showed us that people are fired up to repudiate the Republicans and Trump.  With his current numbers and his divisive strategy it’s extremely difficult to see how Trump can win unless the Democrats shoot themselves in the head first.

So please don’t forget the principles that Indivisible is calling “the Indivisible pledge”:

  1. Commit to a constructive primary.
  2. Back the eventual Democratic presidential nominee.
  3. Work to defeat Trump in November of 2020.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office”…

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