Last week’s disclosure that Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein placated Trump and assured him that he was on Trump’s team was yet another blow to the legitimacy of the DOJ, especially with Trump-lickspittle William Barr at the Department helm.  If the DOJ won’t enforce the laws and feckless Mitch McConnell in the Senate won’t hold the executive branch accountable, we are only a few short steps away from autocracy.  Richard Nixon’s refusal to respond to Congressional subpoenas was one the articles of impeachment brought against him by members of both parties.  But Trump’s blanket refusal to respond to Congressional subpoenas seems just dandy to today’s Senate Republicans, who appear only too happy to accept and coddle lawlessness and corruption as long as they get to keep their tax cuts.

And with two radical right-wing extremists now on the Supreme Court–one of them occupying a “stolen seat” that should have been chosen by President Obama–we can’t count on the SCOTUS to uphold the laws that would otherwise restrict executive power.

Just as horrifying, it was reported Friday that Russian hackers were in a position to alter Florida voter rolls in 2016 after a successful “spearphishing” attack.  Florida had previously denied that this was possible, but now it turns out the voting system was more compromised that we knew:

It was also reported that the North Carolina State Board of Election admitted it didn’t look into possible Russian hacking as the cause of its many pollbook failures despite the fact that its pollbook supplier had been infected by malware.  This all begs the question, “what else happened to our voting systems that has yet to be disclosed?”

But of course, Trump has done absolutely nothing to prevent cyber attacks on our Democracy in 2020 because it would call into question the legitimacy of the 2016 election and lower Trump’s chances of getting re-elected in 2020.  A disgraceful betrayal of Trump’s oath of office.

Mike Pence recently spoke to the near-bankrupt and scandal-wracked NRA and said “We’re in a battle for the soul of America. But it’s a battle between liberty and tyranny.”  And in this, he was right.  Trump is a tyrant and is blotting out the soul of America.  If we don’t repudiate Trump by a convincing margin in 2020, the fabric of our nation may be torn forever.  Right now Democracy is just hanging on by a thread.

Keep resisting and working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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