Since the release of the redacted Mueller report, each day seems to see another high-profile Republican stepping forward to advocate for the rule of law.  Yesterday Fox “news” was shocked when one of its own, Judge Andrew Napolitano, came out swinging at Trump about his obstruction of justice, describing Trump’s actions as crimes. Napolitano said that AG Barr’s interpretation of obstruction statues was wrong, and he went on to say about Trump that “ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless and condemnable. ”

Meanwhile, as coverage of the Mueller report dominated the news, the corrupt Trump regime continued to wreak havoc on institutions and norms.  We recently learned that Trump’s people at the UN were threatening to veto a resolution condemning and combating rape as a weapon of war, specifically because the resolution supported women’s “reproductive services” that might include abortion as an option for women who were raped by terrorists, enemy combatants and/or torturers.

It was the latest in the Trump regime’s attack on the lawful procedure of abortion, this time in the international sphere.  Trump, of course, doesn’t give a damn about abortion as an issue, but his base does and so does his vice president, Mike Pence, a religious extremist.  Our allies at the UN were naturally appalled at the Trump threat, and long-time advocate for refugee women Amal Clooney confronted Trump officials in a speech, declaring that this was their “Nuremberg moment”:

The attack by the Trump regime on the right of women to have sovereignty over their own bodies is a continuation of a long-term Republican project to hide an effort to control women’s bodies and choices beneath melodramatic concern for unborn “children.” This project gives otherwise misogynistic, racist and homophobic conservatives something to feel self-righteous about–even though a zygote or a fetus is not a child and has no hallmarks of personhood that any rational person would put on a par with a living, breathing woman.  Pence and other fanatical religious fundamentalists clearly want to turn back the clock and force women to be subservient to men. And this has been the subtext of so many Trump speeches, attacks and policies.  No wonder so many fundamentalist sects in America include pledges of subservience, forced marriage, child brides, and in some cases polygamy.  Controlling sex, controlling sexuality, and preserving power are at the core of these malign interpretations of religion, and the only way to resist them is to see them for what they are.

In a way, the 2020 election will be a decision about the character of this country’s future.  Will we be a regressive, fearful, insular, bigoted nation run for white men, or will we be an expansive, forward-looking, tolerant, inclusive nation run for all citizens.

Keep resisting…


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