To the surprise of many, an editorial was published last evening in the Washington Post by Hillary Clinton, titled “Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here’s how to respond.”  Based on her her experience in dealing with the Russians and other adversaries as Secretary of State, as well as her experience with impeachment, Clinton lays out a sensible, step-by-step proposal for responding to Mueller without going overboard.

Here’s the link:

She goes on to make the following predictions:

The Mueller report isn’t just a reckoning about our recent history; it’s also a warning about the future. Unless checked, the Russians will interfere again in 2020, and possibly other adversaries, such as China or North Korea, will as well. This is an urgent threat. Nobody but Americans should be able to decide America’s future. And, unless he’s held accountable, the president may show even more disregard for the laws of the land and the obligations of his office. He will likely redouble his efforts to advance Putin’s agenda, including rolling back sanctions, weakening NATO and undermining the European Union.

We also learned yesterday that the Trump Regime will ignore all subpoenas for documents or testimony, which is a predictably authoritarian posture certain to foment a Constitutional crisis.  House Democrats like Gerald Nadler are floating possible responses, like contempt-of-Congress charges, fines and possible imprisonment for scoffing the law.  In particular, Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is in open defiance of the law by refusing to hand over to Congress Trump’s tax returns, which a statute plainly says Mnuchin must furnish upon request.  Tossing the arrogant (and incompetent) Mnuchin in jail would be a well deserved remedy.  But the Democrats must continue to enforce the law as a matter of principle.  Trump claims to be transparent when he’s the EXACT opposite, which the House is exposing and reinforcing as they push for documents and testimony.

But while Trump stonewalls, Deutsche Bank is complying with a House subpoena and furnishing Trump financial records and disclosures to Congress for loans he took out, and for the financing he sought to buy the Buffalo Bills–a deal he eventually lost.  It seems likely from the Michael Cohen testimony and from in-depth reporting that Trump inflated his assets when applying for loans, which is criminal fraud.  So Congress is forging ahead with their investigation as Trump squirms and continues to lash out on Twitter.

Republican Bill Weld of Massachusetts, who is making a primary challenge against Trump, called Trump a “one-man crime wave” yesterday, as reported by Christina Prignano in the Boston Globe.  Weld isn’t afraid to stand up to corrupt Trump and his feckless cabinet, and such defiance from a solid Republican is sure to register with some of Trump’s past supporters.  From her article about Weld:

“How can a president function if he instinctively lies to not only the public but to his own staff? There is one essential truth that leaps from the pages of the Mueller report: No one can trust Donald Trump,” he writes.

Link here:

With each passing day, Trump finds new ways to erode our Democracy, weaken our Federal institutions, soil the White House, poke his finger in the eye of Congress, and flout the law.  But some Republicans, like Weld, are sick of him and many independents have abandoned him.  As long as we don’t self destruct and poison our own party, and as long as we keep working to get out the vote, any candidate we nominate will have a good chance of beating Trump in 2020.

Keep resisting…


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