Two things worth pointing out from yesterday.

1 – House Democrats announced their first subpoena since the release of the redacted Mueller report.  They will be calling former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify, the man who was in the middle of the storm when Trump was first trying to fire Mueller, and who was allegedly asked later by Trump to fire Mueller but instead quit.  This is the same sequence of events that led to the impeachment of Richard Nixon–the Nixon White House counsel was called to testify.  And yesterday, after a caucus call with Nancy Pelosi, Democrats reiterated that impeachment was not off the table.  But as the debate about impeachment continues and the outlines of competing scenarios come into clearer focus, it’s surprising that censure is not being talked about more.  One of the main talking points among the Trump cult is the myth that Democrats are trying to stage a “coup” against Trump to unfairly remove him from power because they hate him.  And impeachment plays into this malign narrative.  But because Trump won’t be removed from office by impeachment (as long as the GOP control the Senate) then censure should be an intriguing option.  It lays down a historical marker that Trump is profoundly corrupt and that Democrats have become the sole party of principle and morality…and patriotism.  With censure, Dems can uphold principle, admonish Trump, but not feed a inflammatory GOP narrative.

2 – As an extension of the aforementioned theme, it’s worth repeating that the GOP has completely abandoned their principles and values.  They’ve sold their soul for a tax cut and two SCOTUS seats.  Paul Krugman wrote about this in the Times yesterday.  Here’s an excerpt:

Before 2016 you could have wondered whether Republicans would, in extremis, be willing to take a stand in defense of freedom and rule of law. At this point, however, they’ve already taken that test, and failed with flying colors.  The simple fact is that one of our two major parties — the one that likes to wrap itself in the flag — no longer believes in American values.

And here’s a link:

Trump has taken over the Republican party and emptied it of anything resembling honor or dignity.  He’s corrupt, and his corruption has spread and infected everything and everyone he touches.  For the next fifty years, whenever a Republican accuses a Democrat of doing anything unseemly, our response should be, “Trump did worse and your party did nothing–so shut the hell up.”

Keep resisting…




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