Cable news and social media yesterday continued the conversation about what the Democrats in Congress should do with the Mueller report, impeach or focus on the 2020 election?  Former Obama lawyer Ronald Klain had the best short take on the subject on Twitter yesterday:

This simple strategy was echoed and developed by E. J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington post in a comprehensive editorial last night.  Here’s an excerpt:

If we lived in a normal time with a normal president, a normal Republican Party and a normal attorney general, none of this would be so difficult. Mueller’s report is devastating. It portrays a lying, lawless president who pressured aides to obstruct the probe and was happy — “Russia, if you’re listening . . . ” — to win office with the help of a hostile foreign power. It also, by the way, shows the president to be weak and hapless. His aides ignored his orders, and he regularly pandered to a Russian dictator.

He goes on to conclude:

The uncommitted now need to see the full horror of what Mueller revealed about this president. A resolute but deliberate approach is more likely to persuade them. When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) joins her caucus on a conference call Monday, she will reiterate her “one step at a time” strategy. The bottom line is that rushing into impeachment and ruling it out are equally foolish.

Link to article:

Congress needs to hold hearings and require Mueller and Barr to testify.  Congress also needs to look into Trump’s finances, which Mueller didn’t do.  The more Congress can illuminate and illustrate the Mueller report for the public, the more Trump’s corruption will be made clear and concrete in the public imagination.  Not everybody has time to read the Mueller report.  Not everybody has time to sift through cable news.  And many people don’t even trust the news.  But it’s harder to dismiss the words of a guy like Mueller.

People who have been paying attention know that if any president has earned impeachment, Trump has.  But only with thoughtful, prudent, measured hearings and further discovery will the Democrats be able to play politics while also sticking to principle and upholding the rule of law.

Keep resisting…

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