Yesterday was like Friday all over again.  Trump continued to scream and whine about the Mueller report and the mean Democrats who wrote it while Cable news continued to wonder whether the Democrats would try to impeach Trump.  A consensus seems to be building among Democrats that impeachment hearings are a possibility–that’s how devastating the Mueller report is concerning illicit and unAmerican behavior on the part of Trump–but it’s far from a foregone conclusion.  I’m exhausted by the Trump circus so I’ll simply post a great article by Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine that gives some excellent insight into the Mueller report and why it matters so much.  Here’s an excerpt:

The report details a great deal of gross, corrupt behavior. Most important, Trump was secretly negotiating a building deal in Moscow that “stood to earn substantial sums over the lifetime of the project, without assuming significant liabilities or financing commitments.” That is to say, it was the kind of no-lose deal Putin habitually hands out to his overseas partners as a way of laundering bribes through the guise of legitimate business transactions.

Here’s the link:

It’s clear that Trump deserves impeachment.  His presidency was and is wildly corrupt.  I’m not concerned that impeachment hearings would impact the 2020 election calculus negatively for the Democrats, but it’s a risk.  Meanwhile there will be plenty of fact-finding hearings in Congress so more will be revealed.  The testimony of Robert Mueller will be especially interesting.

Enjoy your Sunday and keep resisting…

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