There is WAY too much detail to convey from yesterday’s Mueller report, so let me summarize the major takeaways.

  • William Barr is an unAmerican stooge and lapdog to Donald Trump.  Barr lied to the press about many aspects of the Mueller report, including saying that “Trump cooperated completely” with Mueller, which page after page of the report contradicts.  Trump did everything he could to impede the investigation, including telling subordinates to lie to investigators.  Barr has disgraced himself, though he doesn’t seem to care.  He’s a member of the Trump cult.
  • Trump’s people colluded with Russia, but the collusion (coordinated cooperation) could not be proven to be a criminal conspiracy to the satisfaction of prosecutors.  As Adam Schiff said, the actions of Trump was “unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic, and should be condemned by every American.”  They may not have risen to the level of a crime, but they were disgusting and disqualifying.
  • There was plenty of evidence of obstruction of justice by Trump, and it was Mueller’s expressed desire that since a president can’t be indicted while in office, Congress should see Mueller’s evidence (via the report) and determine whether the obstruction of justice merited action such as impeachment.  This was another area where Barr lied when characterizing the Mueller findings.
  • It is clear that many of Trump’s aides and inner circle endeavored on a daily basis to keep things away from Trump that he might otherwise have screwed up.  Or Trump told them to do something unethical and they agreed to his face, only to ignore the order later on.  Trump isn’t trusted or respected by his own people because he is so often unhinged and impulsive and incompetent.
  • It’s also clear that the Mueller probe spawned many other investigations that are still ongoing.  At least 14 major investigations are still underway by other agencies and jurisdictions that started with Mueller.
  • It appears that Republican Senator Richard Burr passed information on the Mueller investigation obtained from the FBI to Trump and the White House.  In other words, a Senator gave the subject of an investigation inside information on that investigation–which is deeply unethical and possibly illegal.  This alone should be a huge scandal, as it’s a betrayal of the American people to support a corrupt president.
  • The Mueller report is chocked full of scandalous items of information that, at the very least, we should be able to use against Trump and the GOP as we go into 2020.  For example, Trump did NOTHING to stop or impede the hacking of our elections by Russia, despite a mountain of evidence and pleas from our intelligence community.  And Trump and the GOP continue to put our system in danger to this very day.

It’s clear that Trump deserves impeachment, and it’s clear Trump expected to be impeached and his presidency ruined by Mueller’s probe. But with the 2020 election so close, it’s a risky political calculation to make–should Democrats move forward with impeachment knowing that the Senate is run by unethical Trump stooges, or should they save their energy for the 2020 election?  Perhaps they should try to censure Trump in the meantime.

There’s going to be a lot of continuing fallout from the Mueller report.  Barr and Trump are taking a beating in the press, so stay tuned to the developments and keep resisting…

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