The redacted Mueller Report is scheduled to be released TODAY, supposedly at 11am.  But Attorney General William Barr scheduled a press conference at 9:30am to discuss the report before its release.  Barr’s announcement brought a chorus of criticism from former Justice Department officials who said such a presser went against Department tradition and protocol, while media observers agreed that the presser would simply be another chance for Barr to spin and create a narrative ahead of a report that seems increasingly likely to be damaging to Trump.  The whole circus begs the question, if the report is so exonerating to Trump, why would Trump and his surrogates, along with Barr, go to such lengths to manipulate our expectations and try to control the narrative?

It was also reported yesterday that Barr and the Justice Department have already discussed the Mueller report with the White House ahead of its release to Congress, which is perhaps the most outrageous thing Barr has done as Attorney General.  Barr took an oath to serve the American people, not the president, yet his actions in office have gone in the opposite direction.  Sharing an investigative report with the subject of that report before its release to authorities (Congress) is a massive betrayal of the public trust, and in its own way a perversion of justice, if not obstruction of justice.  It is now crystal clear that Barr is a partisan hack who works for Trump, putting party above country and putting Trump above the law.

Late last evening a group of House Democrats including several committee chairs sent a letter to Barr requesting that he cancel his ridiculous and unnecessary press conference and let the Mueller report speak for itself.  But that request has almost certainly fallen on deaf and unAmerican ears. Barr has revealed himself as a partisan hack and Trump stooge, willing to flush whatever was left of his reputation down the sewer to help a corrupt, dishonest and divisive president maintain power and escape responsibility for consorting with Russia and obstructing justice.  Like so many other people who have worked in Trump’s orbit, Barr’s cumulative actions have dishonored himself and his office.

Late last evening it was also reported by the Washington Post that the Mueller document will be “lightly redacted”, so it will be interesting to see just what “lightly” means, and whether or not the WaPo story was leaked by Republicans to try, once again, to manage expectations and spin a web of BS.

Regardless, today should prove to be an epic media circus, and it’s easy to imagine the day beginning with a storm of Tweets from the angry orange clown.

Set your sights on the 2020 election and keep resisting…

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