It’s been a long day and I’m tired.  And I’m especially tired of Trump and his cadre of rogues and stooges, hacking away at our democracy one norm and one agency at a time.  To quote Jerry Maguire, every day under Trump is “a pride swallowing siege” as he Tweets ridiculous nonsense and/or grotesque vitriol.  And now, every time I hear his half-screeching, half-whining voice on television I start to vomit in my mouth.  But then I remind myself that my distress is exactly what his supporters want.  Trump could burn our democracy to the ground and shred the constitution and his cult wouldn’t care as long as the lib-tards were angry about it.  Take that for making us feel ashamed about our intolerance, racisim, sexism and homophobia!

But as I’ve written before in this blog, the stage was set for hatred long before Trump.  He is just the inevitable result of decades of Fox fear-mongering and Republican dog whistling.  Jamelle Bouie writes about this in an excellent column in yesterday’s New York Times.

He identifies in this excerpt Trump’s purpose in attacking Ilhan Omar:

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts accused Trump of “inciting violence against a sitting Congresswoman — and an entire group of Americans based on their religion.” That, of course, is the idea. Trump believes he benefits from the passions and anger stirred by racist demagoguery.

He then draws an obvious conclusion about the underlying racist, sexist, homophobic rhetoric of conservatives and Republicans:

Donald Trump has simply brought this rhetoric to the bully pulpit of the American presidency. He has taken everything coursing through the last 20 years of Republican politics and made it explicit. It now has an official seal of approval.

Here is the link:


Trump will continue to stoke fear, anger and resentment as we head toward the 2020 election.  These are the nefarious forces we must continue to resist…

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