In his typically off-the-cuff and unhinged way, Trump yesterday threatened to ship immigration detainees to sanctuary cities like New York City and Los Angeles to flood those cities with gang members and criminals.  Of course, the vast majority of immigrants are neither gang members nor criminals, but in the fear-fevered mind of Trump, the sanctuary cities would suffer and beg Trump to build his wall.  The White House quickly brushed Trump’s comment back and assured reporters that the president wasn’t serious.  But then the president brushed his own people back and insisted he was serious.  The plan would be costly and almost certainly illegal, but breaking the law never stopped Trump. Here is good coverage of the debacle in the Washington Post:

It was also reported yesterday Trump told his new Homeland Security Secretary to break the law and Trump would pardon him.  Some Republicans shrugged it off as a joke, but anyone with a measurable IQ understands that this is exactly who Trump is.  After all, he fired his last Homeland Security Secretary for not breaking the law on his command.  The report was called “Fake News” by Trump, which tell us that the report was in fact accurate and correct.  Here’s coverage by CNN:

House Oversight and Reform Committee chairman Elijah Cummings yesterday was on the verge of issuing a subpoena to the Mazars USA accounting firm for ten years worth of Trump financial records.  Committee member Jim Jordan of Ohio tried to undermine the probe by urging Mazars not to comply with the subpoena, using Trump’s “witch hunt” myth as a rationale.  But Cummings chastised Jordan in a memo to his committee.  That members of Congress like Jordan are still giving cover to a corrupt president is a national disgrace, and a betrayal of their role as a check on the executive branch.  Here is coverage from Politico:

To reiterate a point made in this blog many times, future Democratic presidents will come under criticism from Republicans, and every single time there will be an example of something much worse that Trump did that Republicans let slide.  Trump has completely ruined any claim to virtue, ethics, values, principles or standards from the Republican party, and we can’t ever let them forget it.  Trump is immoral to the core, willing to break the law to get what he wants, a degenerate liar, a vile and vengeful bully, wholly unfit for public office.  We can’t ever let the Republicans forget the epic and historic disaster that they’ve spawned and coddled in Trump, especially since it’s inconceivable that we will ever in our lifetimes have a Democratic president remotely as corrupt or divisive or malignant.

But we have to vote Trump out first.  Keep resisting…


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