WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was kicked out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London yesterday and turned over to British authorities.  The US is asking for his extradition on a computer hacking charge, which could take years to arrange.  Meanwhile the pundits have been debating whether or not Assange is actually a journalist, and whether or not the charge against him–helping Chelsea Manning to break the law by hacking a government computer to obtain classified documents–has any merit or consequence.  Two things to highlight.  One, Assange is less a journalist or publisher than he is a dumper of classified documents without going through them first and removing the sensitive bits, which is what real journalists do.  Two, the Assange charge isn’t related to material he disclosed, nor related to secret sources–it’s related to his alleged commission of a crime to get material.  So the case is less about something that could put real journalism at risk, and more about a guy who crossed a line and apparently committed a crime, possibly in the service of a hostile foreign power.

As the Mueller report languishes in the hands of AG Barr, Trump continues to rant and rave about the “witch hunt”, calling the Mueller team’s investigation “treason” and pretending he didn’t spend hours on the campaign trail talking about the “amazing WikiLeaks” and declaring “I love WikiLeaks!”  Trump lies so habitually, he lies when he doesn’t even need to.  In front of the press, almost everything out of his mouth is a lie or a ridiculous exaggeration.  But his latest rants and lies are more frantic and angry than they have been in the past and it stands to reason that his desperation stems from the fact that Congress is going after his taxes and the Mueller report.  The request for extradition of Julian Assange to the United States came from a sealed indictment that had been filed long ago.  It was unsealed the moment Assange was kicked out of the embassy.  And this is exactly the scenario that Trump will face when a new president is sworn in.  It stands to reason that an indictment should have been sealed for Trump when his lawyer Michael Cohen was charged with felony campaign finance fraud.  Trump was an unindicted co-conspirator in that crime. So he should be charged with that crime the moment he leaves office.

So much is riding on our ability to rid Washington of the worst president ever–our climate, our health care, our immigration policy, our sense of fairness and equality, our trust in the justice system, and women’s sovereignty over their own bodies.  Let’s keep working to make sure Trump becomes a one-term blunder…


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