Yesterday was a crazy day in a crazy week in a crazy month of news.  There’s too much going on, most of it bad.  Here’s what you need to know.

AG Barr testified again in front of Congress and said that he believed the Trump campaign was spied upon by our own intelligence community.  He later walked that statement back, saying Trump might have been spied on and wanted to know for sure.  This goes squarely against previous statements from the Justice Department, and no proof of any unauthorized surveillance has ever been offered.  It’s a shame that no Congressional Rep followed up Barr’s statement by saying for the record, “I think it’s far more serious and concerning that a political campaign arranged and met with a hostile foreign power to get dirt on an opponent, and it’s safe and accurate to say that the Americans involved in that meeting fit the definition of “traitors.”  Barr’s testimony makes it clear that he’s a political hack who puts party over country, and it begs the question, “Why does Barr hate our intelligence community?”

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin got into a testy exchange with Rep Maxine Waters in a congressional hearing because Mnuchin had the bad judgement to schedule a meeting with a foreign dignitary on the same afternoon that he was appearing before Congress–hearings that often go overtime–and wanted to leave before the hearing was over.  Mnuchin’s tone and body language were screaming, “Don’t you know my father was a partner at Goldman Sachs, and I inherited millions of dollars, and got a job at Goldman Sachs purely on merit, all of which obviously makes me a genius and a significantly more important and valuable person than anyone in this room??”  The socially awkward Mnuchin has become a poster boy for Wall Street arrogance and nepotism and unmerited success, which makes him a perfect fit for the Trump regime.  No wonder he’s going to try to keep Trump’s taxes from Congressional investigators.

Trump’s sister, a high-profile judge, handed in her resignation yesterday under the cloud of an inquiry into her financial background, specifically whether she received her inheritance via a fraudulent scheme.  The scheme was revealed in a giant New York Times article that exposed a long series of fraudulent transactions that hid a massive transfer of wealth from the Trump patriarch to his children in order to avoid hundreds of millions in taxes.

Trump’s pick for assistant Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen, was asked in a confirmation hearing whether he thought the “Brown vs Board of Education” Supreme Court decision striking down racist institutional segregation was properly decided.  The Brown decision is considered a pillar of our judicial heritage, yet Rosen refused to give an answer, which was a horrifying development and should be disqualifying.  But it won’t because the Senate is controlled by feckless Trump toadies who will again put party over country and send a manifestly biased and unfit candidate to be the assistant Attorney General.

The National Enquirer is on the verge of being sold because the hedge fund that owns the Enquirer is “disgusted” by the tabloid’s reporting practices.  At the same time, Jeff Bezos is scheduled to meet with prosecutors in New York this week, presumably to discuss the alleged extortion of Bezos by the Enquirer.  Coincidence?

It’s a lot to take in.  It’s exhausting and frustrating and chaotic.  But we have the chance to end the Trump disaster in 2020 and get our nation moving forward again.  Keep resisting…

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