It was reported yesterday that during his visit to our southern border, Trump directed border agents to break the law by barring asylum seekers from seeking asylum in the United States.  After Trump departed, the agents informed their superiors about the orders and were told to ignore the orders because they were illegal and raised issues of “personal liability” for the agents.  Here’s coverage in Share Blue:

It’s quite clear now that Trump has no idea what our laws allow, and has no interest in following them anyway.  The more frustrated his plans become, the more he seems inclined to scream at the people around him and bully them into breaking the law on his behalf.  And with the courts consistently striking down his cruel border policies, Trump seems to be on the verge of a meltdown.  He can’t get what he wants!  Any subordinate who refuses his illegal orders will be replaced by a toady who will comply and break the law for him.  It’s blatant, textbook authoritarianism combined with corruption.

It’s also quite clear that Trump wants to separate families at our border and is angry that the courts stopped him.  He’s desperate to continue the cruel policy because he’s certain it’s what many of his supporters want, and he thinks it makes him look strong.  As any expert on bullying will tell you, picking on the weak and vulnerable makes a bully feel powerful, and this is Trump’s life story.

Be aware that today is the day Attorney General Barr testifies in front of Congress.  The questions asked by Democratic Reps will be extraordinarily important to finding out whether Barr has any integrity or if he is suppressing the Mueller report because it is damaging to the president.  Barr will likely try to dodge questions about the Mueller report, but he is likely going to get pummeled.

Stay tuned and keep resisting…


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