Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned yesterday after a meeting with Trump.  Insiders claimed she was growing frustrated by Trump’s unrealistic or impossible demands, saying they were increasingly unhinged.  But Trump reportedly blamed her for the increased flow of immigrants to our border with Mexico, claiming that’s why she left.  Of course, Trump’s rationale was absurd–Nielsen had no control over the number of people approaching the border–but it made for a convenient excuse for Trump to move on to the next profoundly unqualified nominee for the job.  Perhaps Trump was concerned about all the flack Nielsen had taken as the overseer of the deeply unAmerican family separation policy, which continues to make headlines as more separations are disclosed and greater ineptitude and cruelty comes to light.  Or perhaps Trump wanted to create a distraction from a new scandal that he knows will hit the papers soon.  Or perhaps he just wanted a replacement that will be more cruel and less clumsy in front of the media than Nielsen.

Investigations into Trump on multiple fronts continue to churn, and it’s possible we may see more indictments filed with the courts soon.  Trump spent his weekend ranting about the Mueller “witch hunt” and about the mean Democrats trying to get his taxes–so unfair, so unfair.  But Trump’s fury begs the question, what is he so worked up about?  What is he so afraid of?  He seems to be more afraid of his taxes being released than the Mueller report being released.  And he’s still using the ludicrous “my taxes are being audited” excuse, which any sane person knows is bogus.  So the obvious question is–why?  His former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen mentioned a wide range of illegal activities that Trump was a part of, from bank fraud to campaign finance violations, so it’s easy to imagine Trump worried about any number of crimes coming to light.  And it’s also easy to imagine that if Trump has huge debts, his actual net worth might be far, far less than he has boasted.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile several more candidates joined the Democratic presidential race over the past few days, and the candidates already on the campaign trail are spending a lot of time on substantive policy proposals and concrete priorities. It’s going to be a very robust primary season. And while it’s important to keep an eye on all of Trump’s scandals, lies and blunders, but it’s also important to focus on the Democratic policy proposals and make sure we understand the details. That’s the heart of the Democrat path to victory–policies that will help the average American, communicated as simply and effectively and convincingly as possible.

Keep resisting…

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