Trump continues to say disgusting and un-presidential things.  Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday in Las Vegas, Trump called Benjamin Netanyahu “your Prime Minister”.  And in a trip to the Mexican border Trump said to potential asylum seekers and refugees that the United States was full:

“We can’t take you anymore. We can’t take you. Our country is full.”

The badly broken system at the border might be struggling to process asylum seekers but our country is certainly far from full.  In fact, our national birth rate isn’t high enough to replace our existing population.  We need immigration if we want growth. But Trump’s language is exactly the kind that white supremacists love and use–our nation is full so go somewhere else (if your skin isn’t white).  This heartless notion is a betrayal of our core identity and mission as a nation, that we welcome “your tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

A book about the two Bush presidents was published recently titled “The Last Republicans” and the title is appropriate for era of Trump.  The GOP as we know it has been beaten into submission and is now the party of Trump, soulless and heartless, devoid of anything we used to recognize as honor, principle or ethics.  They more accurately resemble a party of angry old white conservative men who are pissed that they have to compete with non-whites and who are hell bent on controlling the bodies of women no matter how much damage they cause.  Trump can say anything, no matter how vulgar, offensive, dishonest or ridiculous, and his core cult of supporters won’t care.  Trump has become a symbol, a cult of personality.  During the campaign Trump said “I am your voice.”  But in reality, his is less their voice than their bludgeon.  He bullies and insults people that his supporters don’t like, and they like him for it.  He’s the embodiment and instrument of their anger and resentment.

It’s up to activists to keep pointing out that none of this is normal, that Trump is a radical departure from our values and history, and that progressives are fighting for policies and values that will help and protect average Americans.  Keep resisting…


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