This past week was a crappy one for Trump.  The IRS received a subpoena from the House Ways and Means Committee for Trump’s tax returns.  The Trump administration continues to receive subpoenas from various House committees for documents from Congress.  And Attorney General Barr is about to get a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee requesting the Mueller report and all underlying evidence.

All of this legal activity ultimately raises a larger and more troubling question.  These subpoenas will be contested and the legal battles will likely go to the Supreme Court, so will Trump’s packing of the courts with (often unqualified) radical partisan extremists be enough to keep Congress from effective oversight and discovery?  Let’s keep in mind that just this week Senate Leader McConnell changed the rules for confirming Circuit Court judges, streamlining the process so Trump will be able to seat more judges in four years than Obama did in eight.

These GOP scumbags are playing down-and-dirty, in part because they know that Trump is deeply unpopular and as much as he was a long-shot to beat Clinton, he’s an even bigger long-shot to win a second term.  We may or may not ever see Trump’s taxes, and we may or may not ever see the Mueller report.  The only thing we have any control over is the 2020 election.  We can work to shape the issues that the candidates address.  We can work to shape the narrative of the election.  We can work to champion the nominee.  And we can work to motivate voters to go to the polls.

I can’t stress this enough–with such a large field of Democratic contenders, most of the people who vote in the primary will be voting for a candidate who doesn’t win.  Again, you will likely vote for a candidate who doesn’t win the nomination.  It’s just math.  So we have to commit ourselves beforehand to support the eventual nominee, whoever it is.  The primary could get contentious and nasty.  Feelings might get hurt.  But this was the exact scenario the Republicans faced in their last primary, full of rancor and infighting and name-calling, yet somehow they came together behind Trump.  If we want to send Trump back home to his tacky Tower, we will have to set aside our feelings after the primary and come together.  So the more we can stick to the issues and argue about policy and stay away from character assassination now, the shorter the distance we will have to travel to reconcile our ranks after the primary.

The subpoenas might fail us.  The courts might fail us.  But we will only lose in 2020 if we fail ourselves.  Keep resisting…

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