Attorney General Barr’s coverup saga intensified yesterday as House Judiciary Chairman Nadler requested all of Barr’s correspondence with the Mueller team as well as the un-redacted Mueller report itself.  Congressional Democrats had clearly concluded that Barr was acting in bad faith, and later in the day tens of thousands of activists assembled and protested to demand the release of the report, including a huge crowd at the White House.

Counter-protesters demanding that the Mueller report be permanently withheld from Congress gathered…nowhere.  Because nobody with a shred honor would make such an absurd and anti-democratic demand.  Even the lunatic core of the Trump cult failed to gather anywhere to push back on protesters, which tells you which side of morality Barr and the fetid GOP occupy.  And yet Barr continued to buck history and precedent by not indicating that he would release the un-redacted report to Congress.  To his credit, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley last night Tweeted that he wants the Mueller report to be released, so significant cracks might be starting to form in the GOP wall of obstruction, perhaps in connection with the overwhelming public support for the release.  Bear in mind that Trump’s poll numbers didn’t budge after Barr’s “summary” seemed to clear the president of criminal conspiracy.  The tenor of the discussion on social media and cable news has clearly and firmly settled on the notion that Barr is hiding something, that he’s trying to shape a narrative before the actual report is released, but that the release is inevitable.

Meanwhile, reports began to surface last night that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was very soon to be kicked out the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has been sheltered in asylum from the law for several years now.  It’s possible that authorities in the USA want to get their hands on Assange–that’s what Assange apparently expects–but it’s not clear what would happen to him.  But Assange will likely be taken into custody if and when he is released.

If you haven’t read it, the comprehensive exposé on Rupert Murdoch and the Fox Empire in the New York Times is well worth it.  Many factors and forces have brought us to the Trump era, but no single factor has been more responsible in my estimation than thirty-plus years of hatred, division, fear-mongering, scapegoating, demonizing, and institution-busting from Fox “news”.  Trump took advantage of a profound sense of resentment and grievance in his voters that had been steadily cultivated, fed, and nurtured by Fox and its rumor mongers.  The New York Times article detailed the history of Murdoch’s brand, and it also confirmed some very bad news.  Murdoch has chosen the heir to his “news” empire, and it’s his ultra-conservative son Lachlan, who is reportedly further to the right than his father.  So the Fox plan will remain intact (as its viewers age out and die) to fill its viewers with falsehoods, lies, entitled bitterness and hatred as it assassinates the characters of anyone it opposes.  Here is a link:

We have no choice but to keep resisting…


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