In a bombshell article from the New York Times that surprised nobody, it was reported yesterday that members of Mueller’s team were angry and concerned that AG Barr did not convey the severity of their actual findings, saying their report was more damaging to Trump than Barr let on.  In other words, they were worried that Barr was lying to the public to frame and solidify a conclusion in the public mind so that when the report actually comes out its damaging facts and allegations will be blunted.  This is the first time in two years that members of Mueller’s team have spoken, which underscores the serious concern they have that Barr is engaged in a willful coverup.

Their concern makes it all the more likely that Mueller will be called to testify before Congress at some point soon, unless Barr decides to release the full report to Congress.  If he continues to withhold, it begs the question, What is Barr hiding?

Also happening yesterday, House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal ordered the IRS to produce for his committee six years of Trump’s tax returns, including the returns of various shell corporations that Trump controls.  The law requires the IRS to comply, but it’s not certain they will without being compelled by a court.  Never in our history has the IRS refused to comply with such a request, but Trump and his regime don’t give a damn about the law so who knows what and how long it will take to obtain the returns.  But it’s likely that sooner or later the House Democrats will have access to them. And this could be bad news for Trump.

Meanwhile, it was disclosed that Jared Kushner was the central figure in the security clearance scandal that came to light recently.  Career professionals deemed him a bad security risk for multiple reasons, yet they were overruled by someone in the White House.  Democrats in Congress are eager to investigate the circumstances.

The Kushner security clearance scandal is yet another dark stain on a presidency that gives lip service to securing our borders when it can’t even secure the White House, much less Trump’s Mar-A-Lago–a revolving door of foreign influence and spies.

These stories will continue to metastasize as more reporting trickles in.  And it still remains to be confirmed that Democrats in Congress want to go after Kushner for lying on his security applications and Congressional testimony.

The Trump regime is an epic disaster.  Keep resisting…

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